Tomy Drissi

Tomy Drissi - Personal

Owns Drissi Advertising
Enjoys playing basketball, dancing
Owns vintage race cars

In-Season Residence: Hancock Park - Grew up in an adjacent neighborhood and would ride through Hancock Park while delivering newspapers, vowing to live there when he grew up!

City Raised: Born in Los Angeles, and raised in the Pico/Crenshaw area of Los Angeles - a neighborhood adjacent to Hancock Park

First Race Car: 1969 Camaro. Races through the Hollywood Hills/Mullholland Dr. area at 16 yrs. old

First Road Car: Was given the 1969 Camaro his father repaired, after his older brother crashed it, and loved the hand-me-down - What freedom!

Favorite Race Track: Any street where there are no LAPD or DMV to worry about!

Best Memory in Racing (Most Memorable Victory): Long Beach, where he won his first professional race in front of friends and family

Memorable Crash: Top of the corkscrew at Laguna Seca. In 3rd place with only a few laps to go, went off-track and hit the wall with such force that the car was shortened by 3 feet

Best Non-Racing Moment: The arrival of Dominique - his younger sister's first baby

Greatest Influence on Racing Career: First drive in the 1969 Camaro on the open, windy California roads - knew immediately that he wanted to become a road course driver

Greatest Influence in Life: Mama and Papa's work ethic and the fact that they left their country to come to America so their children could have a better life

Athletic Interests Outside of Racing: Passionate and built for Basketball

Non-Athletic Interests: Thoroughly enjoys his career and being with friends

Favorite Professional Sports Team: Huge fan of Formula 1, NASCAR and basketball - but would rather play than spectate

Education/College Sports: Started at Santa Monica City College and finished at Cal State University at Northridge. Played basketball throughout high school and some in college

Sporting Event Most Likely to Attend: Hopes to attend the Formula 1 race in Monaco one day. "Seems like such a beautiful and glamorous place."

People most like to dine with: I would definitely bring along one of my closest friends, and include the best fighter of all time Mohammed Ali and one of the great philosophers. That would be an eclectic group of people with many different things to discuss

Current Personal Vehicle: Jaguar XKR 100, which he won during the 2001 Trans Am series and his Suburban - the ultimate party vehicle!

Fitness Routine: Karting, basketball of course, the occasional push-up!

Best Part of Racing: The highest highs!

Worst Part of Racing: The lowest lows! "There's no room for errors or being unprepared!"

The Ultimate Drive: Has driven vintage cars like the Lola F5000 332 and the Lola T70 Can-Am. Waiting for the ultimate opportunity to drive the Marlboro Ferrari F1 car!

Ultimate Racing Partners: Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher

Favorite Restaurant/Hang-Out: Linq in LA (part owner), Pinks in LA -greatest burgers and hotdogs when you are hungry at 2AM!

When Traveling: Most likely to be anxiously awaiting the in-flight movie to start and hoping the plane lands safely

Favorite Magazines: AutoWeek to keep up on racing and the Hollywood Reporter to keep up-to-date on the entertainment marketing business

Favorite Books: Suspense novels - anything by John Grisham

Awards: Four Trans-Am Podium finishes and "The Hollywood Reporter Key Art Award", awarded to Drissi Advertising for 14 years running!



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