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Posted (09/05/2016) -

BMW Celebrates Centenary Tributes to Jack Brabham and Porsche

Photo and report Willem J. Staat

Despite changeable weather circumstances and competition from F1 Live TV coverage the Italian Grand Prix the 5th edition from the Dutch Historic Grand Prix was another great success were tributes were being paid to BMW, Jack Brabham and many others. Even some Fred Opert Chevrons came into action in the F2 Historic Masters. Highligt was the participation from an F1 VPJ Parnelli Jones with which Mario Andretti raced in 1975. A beautiful piece of racing art and being driven by American John McKenna. The F1 Masters races were being won by Briton Nick Padmore. Belgian D’Ansembourg finished second in the first race with a Williams FW07C whilst Briton Gregory Thornton finished second in an ex Elio de Angelis Lotus 91/5 in the second race. The Historic F2 races were a thriller twice with a closely fight battle between Matthew Watts with a March BMW 772 and Richard Evens with an Atlantic based 79B from Richard Evans. BMW celebrated their 100th anniversary in the Netherlands with a Special event in which the 2002 met the 3.0 CL. The race was being taken by German Alexander Rittweger with a 3.0 CSL. Further it was 40 years ago that Jack Brabham took the F1 World Championship at Zandvoort and son David put a tribute to him by driving the BT24 from 1967. Further the fabulous Penske Porsche 917/30, 917 and 962 came into action with Jan Lammers and Gijs van Lennep for some demos. Lammers got even decorated for his motorsports activities at his hometown Zandvoort. The event has quickly grown to one of the leading historic motorsports events in Europe now.

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