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Posted (05/31/2016) -

Photo and report Willem J. Staat


             Maro Engel sensationally steals AMG Customer Sport

Black Falcon driver Maro Engel sensationally stole the win from Christian Hohenadel’s HTP Motorsport AMG Mercedes GT3 in the very final lap. Hohenadel had to make a splash and dash in the penultimate lap though kept the lead. In the final lap the difference around the difference between both leading AMG Mercedes GT3’s was only 0.7 secs. but Engel caught Hohenadel at the 23 kms long track and did beat the Vietoris/Seefried/Hohenadel/Van der Zande car in the closing stages with 5.697 secs. The closest margin ever in the history of the 47 years old event. Hohenadel/Seefried/Van der Zande were so disappointed and angry that only Christian Vietoris appeared at the postrace press conference. The first four places were being covered by AMG Mercedes GT3 Customer Cars. The Haribo Mercedes from Alzen/Arnold/Götz/Seyffarth finished 3rd. Audi, BMW and Porsche were never at the same league. BMW were close with the brand new M6 but lost two cars due crashes and a blown engine. The combination Sims/Eng/Martin/Werner finished 5th and the only ones who could keep up with the AMG GT3 pace. Monsoon weather conditions caused the race to be stopped after 45 minutes with an interruption of 3 Hours when there was a restart. After that things went relatively quiet. But a lot of camping fans had already left the track then. They missed the hearbeat final which became an absolute thriller. Both WTCC races were being won by José Maria Lopez with the works Citroën. An impressive performance from the Argentinian. At the post race press conference Max Chilton mentioned Lopez as the Ayrton Senna of Touring Car Race after he had totally mastered the Nordschleife event for the second year in succession.

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