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Posted (04/08/2016) -

 Theme Mille Miglia


Photo and report Willem J. Staat

For the 38th edition of the Techno Classica at Essen Mille Miglia was the one main theme. But there was more as the FIVA has announced that a proposal has been forwarded tot he UNESCO to recognize oldtimers, including racing cars, to recognize as cultural heritage. A working group is working hard on this project and it might be possible that “The Car” will be awarded this in 2018. The prospects for the future look good. Good news for car and racing fans. Except for that and the Mille Miglia there was a lot more to watch. The Audi Group S rallyecar never ran in 1987 because of a changement within the rules. It immediately went into the museum. But also on display was an unqiue Fiat Abarth 1000 Prototype, als called La Principessa. It did set some unique records in 1960 with Giancarlo Baghetti and Umberto Maglioli. The car is still in it’s original condition. But except for this there were racing beauties from the former DTM, the Belgian Procar, French Supertourisme. For this year 190.000 visitors are being expected.

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