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Posted (11/16/2015) -

Awards for Porsche

Photo and report Willem J. Staat

During the 9th Edition from the Professional Motor Sports Expo at Cologne Porsche received no less than four Awards for being the best Racing Car of the Year(919 LMP Hybrid), the best Motorsports Team of The Year, the best Powertrain of the Year and with Alex Hitzinger having the best Motorsports Engineer of the Year. Ginetta announced a brand new G57 for LMP3 Racing whilst ADESS exhibited their brand new LMP3 as well. The brand new marque even has an own testing facility at Mallorca. The Gabura company announced their plans to deliver BMW i8 customers with a V8 engine if they like. And by the way did you know that during Le Mans 24 Hrs no less than 4200 Radio’s are being used!

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