A Conversation with Tim Mayer, IMSA COO
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(C) Anne Proffit

Appointed IMSA's chief operating officer on the first of December Tim Mayer took the helm of an International Motor Sports Association that is showing good signs of life. His job is to grow the series at a reasonable rate with hard work not smoke and mirrors.

Tim Mayer was born to the task. The son of Team McLaren co-founder Teddy Mayer was named after his uncle Tim- a driver who could have been a contender had he not died too young. Mayer has been in and around racing all his life.

"I had the luxury to look around and make a reasoned decision about where I wanted to work-" he said after leaving Championship Auto Racing Teams. "IMSA provides a set of challenges that I think that I am up to- while at the same time providing an environment where I am comfortable and where I think there are opportunities."

Mayer has a ton of motorsports experience that will hold him in good stead. Tim is prepared as he assumes all administrative functions- working closely with event promoters and their staffs- with the differing race tracks the American Le Mans Series (ALMS)- Super Truck Racing Association of North America (STRANA)- l Panoz Racing Series and Star Mazda Series visits.

"There are a lot of issues for IMSA to work on- but they all come back to the fundamental of creating and demonstrating value" in its racing series- Mayer details.

"Value to the audience both at the track and at home- value to the competitors- to the manufacturers- to the promoters and value to the sponsors" is what he'll be striving for in his new position.

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