Test Drive: 1962 Chaparral
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Paul Brown got the opportunity of a lifetime recently when he got to drive a 1962 Chaparral in preparations for the Monterey Historics. Here is his recounting of the experience so all unlucky saps who will never get to drive a Chaparral can get an idea of the thrill he had.

By Paul Brown

Pre-Historics 2002 Chaparral 1, s/n 002 By: Paul Brown, Driver

It started as a nice, sunny day at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway for an event called the Pre-Historics. It's the test weekend before the big Monterey Historic Automobile Races. Tom Hollfelder, from Tiger Racing based in Covina, CA opened the trailer and rolled out his 1962 Chaparral 1. In pictures it looks a little awkward, but in person it's absolutely beautiful. Tom had invited me to drive the car for this year's Historics at Laguna Seca from Aug 16-18 and thought I should run the car prior to that to get me familiar with it before the event. With an offer like that, who could refuse? I was both honored and very, very nervous. Tom had just finished a two-year restoration on the car and I was to debut and race it for the first time in the US since 1967. There were only four built originally and only three still existing. This is car #002 that was the original Meister Brauser car that Harry Heuer raced alongside his teammate Augie Pabst who ran the Scarab back in the day.

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