Streets of Toronto prove challenging for drivers
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The Wittmers were not as lucky and had car issues this weekend. Karl Wittmer lost his fan belt on Friday which brought him into the pits losing out on a sure podium. He fixed it and finished second in Touring Class on Saturday in his Honda Civic Si. Nick Wittmer finished in third position in Super Touring Class on Friday but had wheel issues on Saturday which caused him to fall off the pace. Nick was leading the race for the first half until his left rear hub failed sending him into the wall. "The pieces were broken for the tire and I couldn't really do much with that. Plus, I was really close to the wall. But I love the track! I did a lot of World Challenge races here," he commented.

Scott Nicol also had problems on Friday with his Honda Civic Si. He had a water pump break and wasn't able to finish the race. The crew worked on everything over night and got the car ready. Scott had to attend a wedding on Saturday but still flew in for the race and finished in third position in Super Touring Class.
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