Streets of Toronto prove challenging for drivers
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"Feels very good to be on the podium on both days. Team Octane is very proud to have five of the six podium positions this weekend. Yesterday we had our first triple podium and today we came back with two podium finishes", exclaimed Alain Lauzière. "From a personal perspective, it's very rewarding. Toronto is one of those races where the driver really wants to win, not just be on the podium. We're very, very happy. I want to say that I drove well but it has nothing to do with me. The guys prepped a fantastic car for me to be where we were. The car was perfect, best car I have ever driven. They deserve the win more than me", he continued after winning the race on Saturday.

Pascal Carré won the Friday race (Round 5) in Grand Touring Class in his BMW M3, with Lee Chaplin in second position, followed by Ian Crerar in third place in his Porsche 911. Lee Chaplin progressed to first position for Round six in his Ford Mustang, and was followed by Pascal Carré in second, and his dad, Glenn Chaplin in third position.

"This is the first time this year that we are on the podium together. I'm just ecstatic, really happy. He's been racing for 40 years and is finally racing in the car he wanted. It couldn't be any better. We didn't hit anything, I finished third overall and first in class, it's fantastic. It was great to be on the podium on both days. I'm starting to like this sparkling wine," said Lee Chaplin laughingly after winning the race on Sunday.

The streets of Toronto provided a fantastic outcome for some other drivers as well as they were on the podium for both days. Gary Kwok won both races in his Super Touring Class Mitsubishi Evo. Gary said, "Throughout the race, the car was fairly consistent. I feel really good. The crew was really great and helped me a lot." CTCC defending Super Touring Class Roger Ledoux finished in second place in both races too in his Subaru WRX Sti.

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