CTCC competitors challenged by extreme weather conditions
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Super Touring Class had some consistency this weekend at the podium. Eric Hochgeschurz finished in second position in Super Touring Class this weekend in Rounds 3 and 4 in his BMW 330i. Hyundai Genesis Racing finished in third position in Super Touring Class in both Rounds 3 and 4, with Damon Sharpe on Saturday and Bob Attrell on Sunday in their Hyundai Genesis Coupes. First position, however, took a dramatic turn throughout the weekend. On Saturday, Roger Ledoux was leading the race and could not complete the race due to engine issues and that enabled Nick Wittmer to finish with first position. Similarly, Gary Kwok was leading on Sunday but due to engine problems could not finish the race, which led to Roger Ledoux finishing the race in first position. "I'm really happy. The car was running really well. Kwok didn't finish so that obviously helps. But I don't think I was going to catch him anyway. We figured we'll sit on second place, we'll just finish it. And the car was good, it was handling well and in 5 laps near the end there, the tranny started to go. I barely made it. I had no tranny left when I got in. So we kinda got lucky on this one. We were unlucky yesterday and got lucky today. I'm looking forward to Toronto Indy!" exclaimed Roger after his win on Sunday.

Touring Class was an intense race under rainy conditions on Sunday. Team Octane crowded the podium in Touring Class with Michel Sallenbach wining 2nd position and Alain Lauziere finishing in 3rd position in their MINI Coopers. On Saturday, Martin Crisp won in his Mazda MX5, Patrick Seguin was 2nd in his Mini Cooper S JCW and Karl Wittmerfinished in 3rd position in his Honda Civic Si.

Overall, the fans enjoyed the best of both worlds, a hot and sunny race on Saturday, with a cold and wet race on Sunday.

The next set of races will take place at Honda Indy Toronto on June 12-13, 2015.
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