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"As always with the World Challenge we put out a great race, it was so competitive, so hardnosed. The quality of the top eight guys in this series is unbelievable," said Dyson. "The racing is so ferocious you've got to fight for every square inch out there. The Bentley was very good, we got caught up in a little bit off a first lap turn 2 fracas, straightened that out, had a great battle with Davison for a while, and once I cleared him, I think Mike Skeen and Johnny O'Connell had some trouble, so we were able to advance a little bit but honestly Kevin (Estre) and Olivier (Beretta) were really doing a great job. I think it's a testament for all the work the series has done to make all the cars balanced. As you can see, all the cars are considerably different but in the lap times, really there was nothing between the top four guys. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, let's hope it stays dry."

"We had a really good race, no yellows, no contact and we had a nice, clean fight. I had a really good car, and like Chris (Dyson) said the championships are very competitive, there are good drivers, good teams so you've got a good series. Let's see how the race will go tomorrow," said Beretta.

"I had a good start and then we were kind of equal on the pace with Olivier at the beginning, but the Ferrari has some strengths that the McLaren does not, so it was tough to pass but then I think that Olivier made a small mistake at turn 8 and got a bit out of line and then somehow I had a really good exit out of turn 10, and then I could pass him, it was really fair and just protected a little bit but without having contact, it was good," said Estre. "I think we had a really great car at the beginning because I was able to put a gap and we were a bit faster than everybody else. Then everybody brought up the pace and everyone went quicker and quicker, so the team told me that and I needed to push, but it is not easy on a street track where you've got a lead with a gap and try and push, because if you want to do a fast lap you're going to have to take some risks, and I tried to take the minimum amount of risk. We start P4 tomorrow really close to the others, so it's going to be interesting, we'll see how the weather is tomorrow."
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