Double victories for Mathieu Audette and Martin Crisp, and a first victory for Pascal Carré
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and a first victory for Pascal Carré

Towards the end of race one, Scott Nicol, #41, stopped on the track at corner five. He was concerned about how the engine was running and also thought that he may be running out of gas. His crew inspected the motor and decided to do an engine swap to limit potential problems in the second race. Early Sunday morning his crew loaded up the car and took it to be tuned at a dyno. Luckily they made it back to the track just before the second race and managed to finish 3rd in his Honda Civic Si.

The Touring Class season started with Karl Wittmer's crash in the qualifying session. But much to everyone's surprise, the Wittmers were able to fix his Honda Civic Si in time for race one. Touring Class had close battles between the cars throughout the 40-minute long race on Saturday, especially between Martin Crisp and Jocelyn Hebert. Martin Crisp won both races this weekend in his Mazda MX5. "I changed the oil in my transmission and I had a pan underneath the car to catch the oil. I forgot to take the pan out so I dragged the pan all the way up to the pit and I was dripping oil and I thought, 'Oh no, my transmission is gone!' as it was making a terrible noise up there. I was boxed in at the start and dropped back from 1st to 3rd and I had to work my way back slowly. My tires got greasy and I was sliding a little bit but eventually I managed to do enough to get ahead of Hebert and after that it was just a matter of managing the tires better. For a while it got really bad as I was sliding everywhere," commented Crisp while beaming with happiness after his double victory this weekend.

The next set of races will take place at the Spring Challenge at Shannonville Motorsport Park on May 30- 31, 2015.
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