Double victories for Mathieu Audette and Martin Crisp, and a first victory for Pascal Carré
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Double victories for Mathieu Audette and Martin Crisp


The 2015 season began with a big bang for the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) presented by Continental Tire at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Ontario, as the Grand Touring, Super Touring and Touring Class put on a spectacular show for their fans on both Saturday and Sunday. There was excitement and anticipation in the air, especially with the Audettes and Wittmers coming together for the first races of the season. Unfortunately, Francois Audette's engine blew up in practice, leaving Mathieu alone to represent the Audettes this weekend.

The Grand Touring Class had a close race with Glenn Chaplin winning the first race in his Mustang Boss 302, followed by Ian Crerar in his Porsche 911, and Kuno Wittmer in his Mustang. Chaplin and Crerar continued to reach the top three on Sunday, with 2nd and 3rd positions respectively, with a new winner on Sunday, Pascal Carré in his BMW M3. After winning on Sunday, Carré exclaimed, "My first victory ever. First ever win in Canadian Touring Car. I didn't know I was P1. No one in my team told me I was P1, maybe they thought I'll do a mistake," he added laughingly. "I'm really happy. I damaged my car on Saturday, there was a lot of damage, I hit the wall. Arek and his team (8Legs Racing) gave us a big hand, so I'm grateful to them and my team who worked all day long. I'm really, really happy. I am also pleased CTCC got the new class so I get to participate with my car. I'm really happy!"

In Super Touring Class, Mathieu definitely did not disappoint the Audettes as he was the winner of Super Touring Class for both races 1 and 2 on Saturday and Sunday. Mathieu returned to the race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in his Acura RSX Type S after two years and claimed, "I made it a goal to win both races this weekend, so I'm very happy. I will be there for four more races this season and would like to win those for sure." Gary Kwok and Audette had a close race, with Kwok winning 2nd place, followed by Roger Ledoux on Saturday. Ledoux geared up a position on Sunday as he finished in 2nd place in his Subaru WRX Sti.
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