An Island of Caymans under the Sun
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by Patti Mascone
Photo courtesy of Ken Hills.

As the customary night race ushered in the 2013 Porsche Club of America season, a lone Cayman flashed by in the Sebring darkness-overlooked for (or perhaps confused with) a 911 or Boxster. After the sun rose on day two of the 48 Hours of Sebring in February, more than 30 Caymans left a ground-shaking impression on the daytime sprints and then, the Sunday enduro.

Introduced by Porsche in 2006, the mid-engine Porsche can be found in several PCA classes, from the street-based Class "F" for the standard 2007-08 model to "GTB1" for the super-class, 3.4-litre Cayman S, which runs against similarly powered 996s and 997s.

After a runner-up finish in the first sprint, Central Indiana's Dan Clarke (GTB1) won the overall for the Caymans in Green Sprint 2. Chuck Googe, driving a 2010 model, took GTB1 in the enduro. Former 911-pilot Jimmy Martin (H) drove a 2007 Cayman S to fourth overall in the night race, followed by class honors in a daytime sprint.