Stevenson Grand-Am report from Bell isle, detroit
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cycled through. Nothing major went wrong, we just cost ourselves a couple of seconds on the driver change and the No. 44 Porsche, the No.70 Mazda and the (race winning) No.88 Camaro got ahead of us."

John Edwards was once again back up to speed for this race, following his recovery from an earlier skiing accident. He was glad to see his involvement in a good day for Chevrolet in front of the Detroit 'home crowd'.

Edwards: "It was another podium finish for the Stevenson team, but we did have the potential to win at GM's home race in Detroit, so we did feel like we left something on the table despite getting to stand on the podium.

"My stint was mostly uneventful," Edward continued, "although I did have a couple of attempts at passing the No. 03 Ferrari when Guy Cosmo caught traffic and got held up. However, once we had a clear track, the Ferrari was in its own class and I settled into P2. Fortunately, that car had some issues later in the race so we got by, but we had a slight hold up of our own during the driver change that cost us a couple spots."

The third place finish in Detroit marks the third consecutive podium placing for the Stevenson Chevrolet this season and the No. 57 Camaro has finished in the top 10 at all five races to date. By comparison, in the first five races of last season, the team had picked up one win and just three top ten finishes in total so 2012 has begun with the team in a good position to challenge for the championship.

Johnson is keenly aware of what the team has achieved thus far, and even more aware of what it will take to build on their success if the Stevenson team is going to carry the banner for Chevrolet in the GT class.

"The team has been performing and executing at a very high level and it's shown with our third straight podium finish and our move to second in points." Johnson said. "Unfortunately, we left a few points on the table this race as we had two poor pit stops and without the ability to pass, we couldn't recover. I do the driver changes and we are usually the quickest in the paddock, but a few things went wrong with the belts, then the air hose and finally the window nets and since it was a short stop for fuel, we lost a few precious seconds and 2 spots.

"At the second stop," he continued, "we came in third and tried to make up a

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