Drissi Takes 6Th spot in Pirelli world challenge race At long beach grand
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On a weekend where the weather took its toll on the already abbreviated schedule, Tomy Drissi made the most of his time in the #47 TruSpeed 3 Stooges Porsche GT3 for round 3 of the Pirelli World Challenge Series at the 2012 Long Beach Grand Prix.

"Time in the car was really at a premium," said Tomy Drissi. "We go into this even knowing track time is going to be limited. Throw in this weekend's weather issues and you've got yours hands full. We had rain, dry, sunny, cloudy.. and that was just the first session. We were absolutely sure that race day would be clear with temperatures creeping back up to normal. So, while we wanted to get out on the track, the data we get from a wet track doesn't do us much good. And even from a standpoint of the driver getting seat time, it's not the sort of conditions that are going to help you work on areas where you might find a little more speed. It was tough."

And tough it was. Tomy's Porsche just wasn't up to the task during qualifying and the Trans Am Champion had to tackle the World Challenge standing start from 10th on the grid.

"We just couldn't find the speed in qualifying," added Tomy. "It wasn't so much that the car wasn't right. I think it was more about the track and finding the grip we need to go fast."

But race day would be a different story. Tomy got a good start of the line and immediately jumped into the mix with the front runners. Running with teammate, Lawson Aschenbach, Tomy put the #47 TruSpeed 3 Stooges Porsche GT3 in the hunt.

"Lawson and I were able to break out on our own and had a good run together," said Tomy, smiling. "TruSpeed gives us great cars. We were pretty close all the way around the circuit. Ultimately, Lawson saw a spot to go around and there was no way I'd hold him up. We had a great time, though."

Tomy finished 6th with Lawson one spot ahead in 5th. With Lawson's fast lap of 1:22.892 and Tomy just a tick behind at 1:23.053, the TruSpeed duo were the fastest Porsches on the track.

The Pirelli World Challenge Long Beach Grand Prix presented by StopTech will be televised on NBC Sports Network at 3:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 29.

The 2012 Pirelli World Challenge Championships will return to action at Miller Motorsports Park with a single race for the GT and GTS classes and a

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