RileyTech News: World¹s Fastest Compressed Natural Gas Car
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Wendover, UT: Fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG), the Lucas Oil/Lessman Streamliner proved to be the world's fastest compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle when it hit an official speed of 323 miles per hour through the measured mile at the Bonneville Salt Flats in early October.

With an official timed speed by the Southern California Timing Association at the 2009 World Finals of 323 mph and an actual peak speed of 332 mph, owner-driver Roger Lessman is excited about the demonstrated performance aspects of an environmentally friendly fuel.

"This is significant progress toward our ultimate goal," said Lessman. "We have no doubt this car is capable of exceeding 400 miles per hour."

The blown gas streamliner, designed and built by Riley Technologies, was originally designed to run on gasoline. However, Lessman wanted to do something a bit different. A developer with a decidedly green influence, Lessman converted the engine from traditional gasoline to CNG.

"The engine sounded and performed better than ever," said Lessman. "We had a clutch issue that prevented us from completing the second leg of the run, but the engine is sound. The car handled well."

Lessman plans to continue to refine the tuning on the CNG powered engine and will make some modifications to the fuel delivery system for additional horsepower. In addition to achieving his personal goal of hitting the 400 mph mark, Lessman is driven to demonstrate the performance of green fuel technology.