Lime Rock Race Notes: Randy Pobst
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Lakeville, CT (May 24, 2008) - Sometimes it's just not meant to be...but at least we finished. The KONI Challenge Series ST race at Lime Rock Park was filled with crashes, spins, a car fire and even a car that flipped several times and ended upside down (everyone was okay). Randy's APR Motorsport #181 Volkswagen GTI with co-driver Mark White had its own set of problems, finishing 29th in a 48-car field. The weekend started out well with decent practice sessions. During qualifying, with Mark at the wheel, a suspension issue put the GTI into the mud, causing the team to have to start from the 32nd position.

"We had our issues. The qualifying position wasn't the end of the world. Our GTI was running better than ever and handling well. Unfortunately on lap 4, Mark was rammed from behind in turn 3 by an overly aggressive driver. He was able to continue, but we lost a lap. We got some great video of the incident from our new ChaseCam. It was fun to re-live and share all of our adventures through our new sponsor ChaseCam."

During the second yellow flag, Randy got in the car for his stint.

"I had a couple of ChaseCam moments myself. A Mazda MX-5 did a 'death wiggle and slide' right in front of me. I had to almost stop in the middle of the track and about ten cars passed me. But I missed him. There are a lot of wild moments and near death experiences in the KONI series. Driving is incredibly aggressive. The three F's: fearless, foolish and fun."

The issues continued throughout Randy's stint. The transponder stopped working and had to be fixed. Later in the stint, Randy got a flat tire and had to run most of the lap on the flat. They came in and changed it, only to get another flat tire ten laps later. They again had to come to the pits to change the tire and also fix the suspension piece that was causing the flats. By that time they had lost several laps and were not able to recover.

"The car was competitive despite our problems. We could run almost at the pace of the leaders. Overall I had a great time. The APR Motorsport team continues to mature and grow and the GTI gets better and better. Our teammates, Ian Baas and Dion von Molke and James Hunt and Mike Sweeney had decent runs in their respective cars. James and Mike, our new drivers, are great guys and fun to race with. Mike and I had our own ChaseCam moment when we almost crashed together, but everything worked out. Unfortunately we had issues in the race, but that's racing."
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