APR Motorsport drivers test on the Nürburgring and visit the VW Factory
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The end of March was an exciting time for APR Motorsport drivers Randy Pobst, Ian Baas, Mark White and Dion von Moltke.

The drivers, major team and driver sponsor Team Janica Racing, family and APR Motorsport staff met up at the famed Nürburgring's Nordschleife on March 22. Two full days were spent driving what proved to be an often snowy Green Hell, as the track is also known, testing components, driver skill and giving hot laps to the rest of the group.

All of the drivers, with the exception of Dion von Moltke, had been to the Nordschleife in the past, but the over 14 mile long track required much familiarization and practice before any of the drivers were able to push virtually as hard as they do while racing in the Koni Challenge Series in their VW GTi race cars.

On their second day, APR Motorsport was joined by famed Ring Taxi driver, Sabine Schmitz. Sabine has more laps on the Ring than any other known driver, with a total believed to be somewhere in excess of 20,000 laps. She additionally is the only female in the world to have won two 24 Hour races, both having come on the Ring. Sabine helped familarize the group with the dry and wet lines of the Ring, as well as other dangerous parts of the most difficult and challenging circuit in the world. Sabine's boyfriend, Klaus Frikadelli, with whom she races in the ADAC German Endurance series in a 4.0 Liter 997 RSR, joined the group, offering hot laps in his 2008 Corvette Z06. APR Motorsport hopes to have Sabine and Klaus as their guests this season, and we may even see Sabine in an APR GTi at some point during the season, if scheduling allows.
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