Pobst Wins WCGT Championship
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Randy Pobst, of Gainesville Georgia, driving the #22 K-PAC/3R Racing Porsche GT3 coasted to a 2nd place finish in the SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT Championship race here at Laguna Seca to win the 2007 Driver's Championship.

This is just fantastic, said team owner Jim Haughey! These guys and gals of 3R Racing, Michael and Randy, Porsche, everyone all did a great job all season! It was a very fun year!

It feels great, agreed 3R Racing's Bob Raub of the team's second driver's championship title. We won it in 04 and were second in 05 so it was great to close the deal this year. Michael and Randy did a great job today and all year.

What a relief, beamed Randy Pobst after winning the GT Championship! First I have to thank Jim Haughey for this championship and of course Porsche for making such a great car. And then of course my great crew Chief Will Moody and the 3R gang.

I am so very lucky that I got to be a part of such a great race team! It should be obvious that 3R Racing is a first class outfit! This isn't a factory team but they perform like one! One part of winning a championship is preparation and we definitely had that! We went the entire year with zero problems or DNFs on both cars. That is pretty impressive!

A championship in racing is very much a team accomplishment and this championship was definitely a team win for the K-PAX and 3R Racing Team! One part of winning a championship is preparation and we definitely had that!
Pobstwho started from the pole and comfortably led the first half of the race but Andy Pilgrim's Cadillac made a late race surge and passed Pobst on the 22nd lap and Pilgrim survived a late race push by Pobst to win his second race of the season followed by the K-PAX/3R Racing Porsches of Pobst and Michael Galati. Randy Pobst led the opening 21 laps of the race often by a 2 second margin.

I thought that we had the fastest car in the race today and in the first half we did, said Randy Pobst My K-PAX/3R Racing Porsche was great and almost effortless to drive and I was going 100 percent with no mistakes and no problems.

I was sailing was able to easily maintain a gap on him (Pilgrim) early on but past the half way point my front tires started to get a little toasty warm and I developed a little bit of a push. It wasn't that my car slowed down at all, Will (Moody) gave me an amazingly consistent car, but that Andy just started going faster and he caught me. Andy had told me before the race that his car was good in the long runs and it sure was today!
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