Pobst and KPax Racing Win Second Straight
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Randy Pobst of Gainesville Georgia and his K-PAX/3R Racing Porsche GT3 Cup backed up his Round 5 win at Watkins Glen with a convincing flag to flag win in Round 6 of the SCCCA SPEED World Challenge GT Championships on the soggy streets of Toronto.

Just as the K-PAX/3R Racing Porsches of Randy Pobst and Michael Galati led the World Challenge GT field away from the grid on the warm up lap here on the 1.7 mile street track here in downtown Toronto is began raining making a tough track almost impossible.

But Randy Pobst and his teammate Michael Galati found a way to finish 1st and 3rd as the track went through almost constant changes in conditions as the rains fell twice during the event. It was really enjoyable," Pobst said of the wet and ever changing track conditions. "The conditions today were constantly changing and I have always enjoyed that, because as a driver you have to think on your wheels the whole time. Every corner is different.
You have to look out your windshield watch the pavement learn the traction in each corner.

"A lesson I learned a long time ago when I was 19 years old was that the fastest way through a slow corner is slow. And boy you had to go slow through some of those corners in Toronto and they got wet."
Pobstcredited his experience in a wet Touring Car earlier in the afternoon for part of his success in the GT race.

"I had an advantage because I raced the Touring car race just before this and it was wet so I had a good feel for where there was traction and wasn't.
But I danged near got in trouble a couple of times myself because I was pushing the K-PAX Porsche really hard. I knew that Ron (Fellows) was back there and he gained on me a couple of times but as the track started to dry, we had a dry setup on the car, so when the track dried my Porsche just came
in. Actually I think that the track was the best it has been all weekend
when the track started drying."

In conclusion Randy said, "I have to thank my engineer Will Moody, he is a brilliant guy. He is a mad scientist and kind of scary actually. Will is a great strategist and a good advisor and he has been a tremendous help to me."

Pobst led the field gingerly into turn one as Michael Galati protected the inside and in the early going both K-PAX/3R Racing Porsches moved out to a soggy early lead as the rains pelted the track as Randy and Michael skillfully sailed their Porsches between the unforgiving concrete barriers.

While Randy Pobst seemed to almost win with ease Michael Galati came into difficulty three times during the event.

"It was really unbelievable," said Galati of the early going. "Early on the car was slipping and sliding and I saw Randy in front of me. He would pull out a gap and I would close up again.

But unfortunately Galati would spin in turn 3 on the wet concrete losing contact with Pobst But his lead over Fellows was so generous that he didn't relinquish second position. "I made a mistake," Michael said of the spin. "I got sideways and I thought I was going to go into the wall but I caught it and got sideways and stalled it."

Galati's position would worsen as he tried to rally back from his spin.

"I restarted and I started chasing back but when I was lapping one of the Vipers and he didn't see me I guess and he just took my nose off and I spun again," said Galati of his second problem. "It took me awhile to get restarted. The next lap I came down the main straightaway and the splitter came up and I had no down force so I brushed the wall."

That spin dropped Michael back to 4th position but he came back to challenge Lawson Aschenbach for 3rd position as Eric Curran was closing in on them both.
Galati, Aschenbach and Curran put on a thrilling side by side driving exhibition on the tight Toronto track with Galati and his K-PAX Porsche prevailing for the final podium position. "I am pretty happy to finish third but I had an interesting race compared to these guys," M