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Tesla Electronics, the makers of the G-Tech Pro, will introduce a new award at United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC) races for the 2007 season. At each of the West Coast races, one driver that makes a G-Move during the race shall win a G-Tech Pro RR which is designed for road racing. The G-Tech Pro RR is a revolutionary performance meter that measures horsepower, 0-60 time, ΒΌ mile time, braking distance, handling g's, RPM recording, 2 hours of data recording, shiftlights, and much more.

"At Tesla Electronics, we have stayed true to our tradition. We are car fanatics developing products for other car fanatics while bringing the latest technology possible to our customers at an affordable level. USTCC is about these same fanatics so it just makes great marketing sense for us to be involved. The series is terrific and is getting more popular every year." Said Jovo Majstorovic, President of Tesla Electronics. "Tesla's products have always been about the latest technology and the things they do are just amazing. We are very happy to have them involved with the series." Said Ali Arsham, USTCC Series Coordinator.