The Fitzgerald Chronicles: Mid Ohio (Grand Am Cup and Rolex)
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Friday Afternoon and Qualifying
Friday afternoon it dried out and I was able to get out briefly in the Corvette. We tried a few shock changes to the car, which seemed to help, but in truth the car would have been fine to race as delivered. I was also now able to see, which was a big improvement over the prior day's experience.

We were unable to get on track in the Porsche because we spent the afternoon installing the new motor, which was fine with me. The car has handled well all season - it just needs a little power. Truthfully, the new motor wasn't really much different than the one coming out of the car, but we felt that since we had been running really hot the last few races that maybe the old one had been damaged. Fingers were crossed.

GT qualifying was held late Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, we didn't get the appropriate paperwork delivered in time, so we would have to start from the back regardless of the result. I ended up qualifying eleventh, which was the best result yet achieved by that car, but I definitely felt like if I had had more time in the car prior to qualifying I could have done quite a bit better.

On Saturday morning my co-driver Bruce Beachman drove the Corvette for the entire session because he really had had almost no time in the car up to that point. He did a good job of getting up to speed, especially considering it was his first visit to Mid-Ohio.

My Grand Am Cup co-driver, Tim Pappas, took the Porsche out to evaluate the new motor. Unfortunately, the news was not good. We were still way off the pace down the straights.

Later that day Tim qualified the Porsche and it didn't go well. We qualified at the back and since there were so many entries for the race the sanctioning body was sending people home. We ended up being one of the victims. All season Tim has been qualifying us in the top fifteen in spite of our power shortage. I think the reasons for this have been that recently we have been racing at tracks with shorter straights, and also that Tim is faster than most of the other drivers who have been doing the qualifying. Mid-Ohio was a different story. The keyhole is an easy turn followed by a long straight and we were getting destroyed there. It ended up costing us a chance to do the race.
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