MaxQData Announces 2006 Contingency Program for USTCC Competitors
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On March 6, 2006, MaxQData announced a contingency program for competitors in the United States Touring Car Championship. This program provides for valuable credits towards the purchase of MaxQData systems, including free systems for those accumulating enough contingency points. A unique feature of the program is that contingency points are awarded, not to the top finisher, but rather to the last car finishing on the lead lap.

Contingency points can be won only at the following USTCC races:

- Laguna Seca, March 10-12 - Mid Ohio Raceway, April 21-23 - Miller Motorsport Park, May 20-21 - Portland International Raceway, June 16-18 - San Jose Grand Prix, July 28-30 - Pacific Raceways, August 19-20 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway, October 28-29

Conditions of the program are as follows. 200 contingency points are awarded to the owner of the last car finishing on the lead lap of the feature race according to official results. No contingency points will be awarded if a race is canceled or if it is impossible to determine the last car finishing on the lead lap. The car must display two (2) MaxQData logos, at least bumper sticker size, clearly visible either on the sides, hood, rear decklid, windows, or rear of the vehicle. Photographic documentation may be required at the discretion of MaxQData. Contingency points may be redeemed only as a credit towards the purchase of products for sale on the MaxQData website, at the rate of 1 contingency point = 1 US dollar. Redeemer is responsible for all taxes. No exchange of points for cash. Points may be transferred. Unused points expire on December 31, 2006.

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