USTCC Competition Adjustment After Round One
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March 21st, 2006/Richmond, CA. - The Hankook U.S. Touring Car Championship (USTCC) announced today that the series will exercise its option to change vehicle specifications to equalize performance among the marques after the first round of competition at Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca in Monterey, California.

Effective immediately for the following vehicles receive competition weight adjustments:

  • The minimum weight of Mitsubishi EVO 8 RS is raised from 3300 to 3670 pounds.
  • The minimum weight of Subaru Legacy GT is raised from 3050 to 3370 pounds.
  • The minimum weight of Acura RSX-R is raised from 2560 to 2650 pounds.

    Also, selected forced inducted vehicles must run with the mandatory data acquisition system to monitor engine performance. MaxQData will also be used to monitor other aspects of each car in competition during all on track sessions. The Hankook USTCC Officials will need to keep close eyes on the turbo cars to maintain fair competition among the various cars. Air restrictors are also being researched for some turbocharged cars to keep power under control.

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