Grand Am Fantasy League Presented by and present the annual fantasy league for all of you Grand-Am Rolex Series fans out there.

The Rules:
The overall season champion will be determined by the total number of points you score through the year. If there's a tie, the player that won the most race weekends will be the champion. There will be a prize to the season champion!

Former Champs:
* 2004: RobinsonRacer
* 2005: razor
* 2006: CKC

Picking Your Cars:
For 2007, we are keeping things the same again, as the system works well. You will pick TWO CARS PER CLASS for the race, and get both qualifying and race points for all cars. However, you can only pick a car 6 times throughout the season, and we keep score of that in the "6Pick" file that is always posted below.

You will still post your picks on the appropriate race's thread on the Fantasy Message Board, except for the final TWO races. For those, you will e-mail them to that race's scorer, and picks will be made public after the deadline to change them has passed.

The deadlines to post your picks this year will be 1 hour prior to the first practice on the Grand-Am weekend, and will be enforced as tight as the message board allows. If you post after the deadline, there will be a 30 point penalty. If you change your picks after the deadline but before qualifying, you will lose your qualifying points for BOTH CLASSES to discourage changing.


To help enhance the game, we are going to use Grand-Am's points scoring structure.

The GAFL Race Points for each class by finishing position are as follows

1....35 11....20 21....10
2....32 12....19 22....9
3....30 13....18 23....8
4....28 14....17 24....7
5....26 15....16 25....6
6....25 16....15 26....5
7....24 17....14 27....4
8....23 18....13 28....3
9....22 19....12 29....2
10....21 20....11 30....1

The GAFL Qualfying Points are as follows (only the top five in qualifying score points):

Qualifying points will be as the are listed by Grand-Am in the final results. If qualifying is cancelled, however Grand-Am determines the lineup is how qualifying points are awarded.

To Register Your Picks:
Click HERE, which brings you to a special section of the message board. ONLY POST YOUR PICKS ON THE THREAD FOR THE WEEKEND!!! You must register for the board to post (which is at no cost, and you get to trash talk on the general board!)

The best part: the prizes:
That's right, there's prizes to the GAFL this year, courtesy of! First, everyone who competes in every event will recieve a GAFL T-shirt. Then, here's the prizes for the season ending results:

  • 1st Place = $100 certificate
  • 2nd Place = $75 certificate
  • 3rd Place = $25 certificate
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