Through The Esses - Talking With Michael Baughman - On The Grand Am Fast Track
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Mike Baughman Racing - On The Fast Track In Grand-Am

© Andrew S. Hartwell

At the recent running of the Sahlens 200 Grand-Am Rolex series event at Watkins Glen, a sudden downpour caught out a number of cars on slick tires, with many crashing into the Styrofoam barriers - and one another - at the last turn before the main straight. Among the casualties were Kevin Buckler, who is reported to be sore but otherwise in good shape, and J.C. France, who walked away from his Brumos Racing Porsche-Fabcar unscathed.

There were others as well but the last car to go sliding off at turn 11 was the Michael Baughman Racing #46 Corvette with Baughman behind the wheel. While attempting to pull into the lane leading up to the pit entrance - to have rain tires mounted - his car failed to negotiate the curve, going straight off and across the banked turn, colliding with the previously crashed Buckler car at a very rapid rate of speed. And Kevin Buckler was in the car and in the process of loosening his belts to climb out when the Corvette struck. The view on television monitors showed the speed at which the impact occurred and it is quite incredible both drivers did not suffer more severe injuries.

But Michael Baughman thinks his injuries qualify as severe enough. "I cracked a few ribs and they are still quite sore. I have had some tough time with those ribs this last week. Every time I start feeling well I either sneeze or someone makes me laugh and I fall right to my knees. I am on the mend, but they are sore."

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