Through The Esses - Dave Klym Stands Behind His Fabcars
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Dave Klym Is Behind His Fabcars All The Way

© Andrew S. Hartwell

"I think you know I have embraced the Daytona Prototype concept since it's inception. I thought it was a great idea and I am glad it has worked out the way Jim France wanted it to. I am very happy to be a part of it all."

That was what Dave Klym, the owner of Fabcar - makers of the Fabcar Daytona Prototype told us when we spoke with him recently about the Grand American Rolex Sportscar Series and his role in it. When we said that David Donohue told us that if it weren't for Dave Klym there wouldn't be a series Klym demurred and said, "I don't know about that but I do know that I have worked very hard to help them get this far."

The series has enjoyed explosive growth in its second year. As new cars and teams have joined the grids, the positions of power have been shifting somewhat away from the earliest cars - like the Fabcar - and towards the Riley, Crawford and Doran chassis. The other early cars, the Multimatic and the Picchio are currently out of the picture, with no one currently championing their virtues. Their absence means that only the Fabcar remains from the initial three chassis designs.

While the SunTrust Racing and Chip Ganassi Riley's have been setting the pace lately, the Doran and Crawford marques have been getting closer to the front. For the Fabcar crowd, however, the Brumos and Southard Motorsports teams have been carrying all the weight. In eight races this season, a Fabcar chassis has never finished higher than 4th place. Contrast that with last season when a Fabcar chassis always finished in the top three. But this year there have been a total of 22 teams in the series, while all of last year there were just seven. Time has caught up to, and seemingly passed the Fabcar.

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