Through The Esses - Sylvan Tremblay Isn't Taking His Time
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Sylvan Tremblay Isn't Taking His Time

© Andrew S. Hartwell

Sylvan Tremblay knows how to win in sportscar racing. This season he introduced the new Mazda RX-8 to the rest of the field in the Grand Am Cup series and quickly set about establishing the presence of the SpeedSource cars at the front of the pack. In six races the team has taken two wins. The bright yellow screamers are becoming every bit the power to reckon with, as were the Porsche GT cars and Mazda RX-7s his team raced in the past.

But this is not the past, this is the future, and it is the time of the Grand American Daytona Prototypes. Some would say it is the beginning of the future of sportscar racing in North America. Others would disagree with that, but Tremblay is not of that opinion. And he is in this series to make time on the competition.

With Paul Mears, the owner of Mears MotorCoach - a Florida concern that includes a fleet of Taxicabs, limousines, shuttle vans, town cars and motor coaches - Tremblay is the man behind the SpeedSource - Mears Motor Coach Racing team that is running a new Pontiac-Riley Daytona Prototype chassis in the Grand American Rolex sportscar series. The car debuted at Mid Ohio and ran for just the second time at Watkins Glen last weekend.

Prior to obtaining the Riley, SpeedSource - Mears were campaigning a pair of FORD-MultiMatic Daytona Prototypes but were not moving forward fast enough for this team that has spent so many moments on race podiums. Tremblay took some time recently to tell us a bit about the background behind the decision to switch from the Multimatic to the Riley.

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