Through The Esses - Buddy Palumbo and BS Levy - 10 Years On
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Through The Esses - Buddy Palumbo And Burt Levy - 10 years on

© Andrew S. Hartwell

"There was a brief scream and scuffle from the fence, where Roy's oldest kid was trying to force his little sister's hand between the fence slats in hopes the neighbors Lab would mistake it for another turkey part. In a flash of crystalline uncertainty, I started to wonder if maybe getting married and having a family was really what I wanted out of life." - Buddy Palumbo, From The Novel: Montezuma's Ferrari

Burt "BS" Levy penned those words in the second of three novels about a young man who goes to work at a local garage in the 1950's and eventually learns more about life in a few years time than many come to know over an entire lifetime. Young mechanic Buddy Palumbo is the focal point of the novels, which first became available 10 years ago beginning with "The Last Open Road". The story line revolves around the early years of sportscar racing in America and the many characters that populated the grids and paddocks at a time when sponsors were not a part of the action. A time when rich men would drive their brand new sportscars to the track - typically a course laid out on streets or along private driveways - then slap a number on the door and go off at high speed trying to show their peers that they were forces to be reckoned with. And once the race was over, the numbers came off and the cars were driven home.

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