Through The Esses - A Conversation With Skip Barber
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A Conversation With Skip Barber - The Owner Of Lime Rock Park

© Andrew S. Hartwell

Skip Barber is the name of the racing and high-performance driving school here at Lime Rock Park, the facility that Jim Vaill created out of a sand mine back in 1957. And Skip Barber - the man behind the name - is also the owner of the place. Since he became involved with running this beautiful facility he has been instrumental in getting racer-wannabes up to speed, and in getting this previously neglected property up to modern-day racing standards.

He has succeeded in both areas.

We caught up with him at Media Day, a preview event held several days in advance of the first American Le Mans Series event to ever be held here. Fans of the series have pined for this day and now Skip Barber has found a way to make it so. We covered several areas including the improvements made to satisfy the needs of IMSA and the ALMS, the long-rumored 'mountain course' extension to the 1.53 mile track, and the expectations surrounding the ALMS event.

Getting Ready For The ALMS Show

"We've done a lot in terms of barriers and tire walls to protect drivers should they stray from the race track. The pit area is now big enough to accommodate all the cars and is consequently safer. We have also done other things that don't impact the drivers such as trying to get additional phone lines in for the media. And that has always been difficult given that we are in such a rural area."

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