Through The Esses - Randy Hale - Fun First, Music Later
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Randy Hale - Fun First, Music Later

© Andrew S. Hartwell

"Randy Hale is an award-winning composer and songwriter..." at least that is what it says on his website ( But that is not the Randy Hale we talked to for TheRaceSite. No, this Randy Hale wants to make music of another variety. The kind where squealing tires and loud engines harmonically combine to bring his Mustang home ahead of the rest of the players in the SPEED World Challenge GT band.

Hale, along with his father Randy Hale II, is part owner of Hale Propellers, a 9-year-old firm located in Saybrook, Connecticut (USA). Together they have a growing business that repairs damaged boat propellers. They also build and sell sophisticated electronic equipment that other boat yard repair shops use to insure the propellers they repair meet all required design and safety parameters.

When he isn't helping boat propeller blades to spin in perfect balance, Randy Hale III is working to improve the balance and speed of his Mustang that is raced in select SPEED World Challenge GT events. The most recent run for the team - which consists mainly of friends and associates who have all known each other for some time - was at Lime Rock Park over the Memorial Day weekend. While the results on the track were not what Hale would have preferred - the car went out shortly into the event, after having started at the back of the pack - his weekend was a complete success for everyone on the team. And for that particular weekend, there were three new members.

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