Through the Esses: Eric Burch Returns To ALMS As Team Owner
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

Eric Burch is coming back to the ALMS for 2004 with a new team, campaigning new cars (well, new to him) and aligned with new faces (well, some old friends and some new actually) all looking to establish themselves as competitive GT class contenders. The name of the new team is SpeedQuest Racing. The cars are Porsche GT3Rs models, formerly the property of the Zip Racing group. And the new faces are open-wheel racers Romeo Kapudija and Chris Green, and sportscar veteran Shane Lewis.

The team is operating out of facilities in the Chicago area and virtually all of their equipment is being obtained from Steve Ivankovich's Zip Racing. Ivankovich's future racing plans are unknown at the moment, but he is keeping his options open.

For the last several seasons, Burch has been Team Manager for Tom Weickardt's American Viper Racing (AVR)/Carsport America effort, which campaigned two Vipers in the ALMS GTS class. At Sebring in 2003, the team introduced the new Pagani Zonda and the expectation at the time was that the Zonda would soon be tearing up the GTS class. But plans sometimes go awry and the Zonda is instead being championed by others (in Europe), and for 2004 Burch has made the move from Team Manager to part-owner / Team Director at SpeedQuest.

In an interview that appeared on The Race Site some time ago, Burch provided us with a bit of his background. Here is a snippet from that interview:

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