Through the Esses - It is One Past Seven for Team Seattle
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

There will be many new DP teams running the Rolex 24 this year but the beauty of the tradition inherent in such a revered annual event is that it includes participants both old and new. Now, we are not about to call some of the competitors old! Nor will we label some of the veteran teams in that manner. But there is at least one "old" team that simply keeps coming back to this traditional event year after year. In fact, they haven't missed one since 1996. And they even managed to win once, in 2003. Heck, this veteran group is still just getting started.

We refer to Team Seattle and the great group of people who put in the time and effort each year to bring a ray of Daytona, Florida sunshine back to the Children's Hospital in rainy Seattle, Washington. And they do it with money raised through pledges. People from all walks of life pledge from pennies to pounds to pesos per lap, for each lap that the Team Seattle cars can complete during the Rolex 24.

From the Team Seattle website: 100% of pledge proceeds go directly to the "Team Seattle for Children at the Daytona 24 Endowment" at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center. The endowment is permanently invested and the income it produces each year will be used to provide support for cardiac research, education, and training at Children's Hospital. Children's provides care for children with complex medical needs. The ability to care for all children in need is dependent upon the fundraising support provided by individuals like you.

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