Through the Esses - Why it's the Right Time for a Rolex
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

The Grand American Road Racing Association's new Daytona Prototype class has been picking up serious steam since last summer. More and more teams and would-be racers are buying new chassis from Doran, Multimatic, Fabcar, Crawford and Riley & Scott. Team owners from various sportscar and open wheel ranks have all decided the GA formula has real potential and they will be looking to the France family to push the series squarely into the minds and hearts of mainstream America.

The start of the second season for the DPs begins on January 31st in a little old facility located a few miles west of a long white sandy beach. Home to so much NASCAR tradition, 'little' Daytona International Speedway, in Daytona, Florida, will again host the 24 hours of Daytona but this time, unlike last year, a clearly defined upper class will stand out.

It's time for the DP show to open the second act.

The 2003 Rolex saw just a handful of Daytona Prototypes take the start. It was still too early for the new cars to be constructed and raced and their on the track performance made that clear. But they did kick the first season off and by the end of that season, a total of 10 DPs were on the grid for the finale. And for 2004, there should be as many as 18 - 20 DPs taking to the banking.

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