Through the Esses - This Brick Intends To Race
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

Before you start thinking brick in the literal sense, let us explain that the word Cegwa means "brick" in the Polish language. The name Cegwa Sport was created by Daytona Prototype team owner Darius Grala as a way to honor his father, who was a mason in Poland. And for 2004, Grala intends to show the fans that even a team named after a brick can set some pretty fast times on a race track.

And he expects to set those times on nearly twice as many tracks as last year.

The first season for the Cegwa Sport Toyota-Fabcar saw the team compete in just six races. They received the Fabcar chassis just in time for the January 2003 test days at Daytona. Grala: "We literally picked up the car at the Fabcar facility in Indiana and drove straight through to the track." After working hard to tweak the chassis to fully accept a Toyota engine (it had been built originally to hold a Porsche motor) they went on and ran all three Daytona events, both races at Watkins Glen, and the Virginia International event in October. Of the three, they found themselves finishing third in class at both the Glen 6-hours and the Daytona Paul Revere. Grala finished 11th overall in the driver standings.

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