Through the Esses: Huang Ends His Chase
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[Editor's Note -- Last month we reported on the situation that arose during the December Test Days at Homestead between Chase Competition Engineering LLC and Silverstone Racing Services. We have corrected that article to clarify that it was meant to reflect the views of Silverstone Racing Services, and not those of TheRaceSite.Com or the author.]

© Andrew S. Hartwell

There was to have been a Chevy powered Chase-built Daytona Prototype testing at Homestead recently, running right alongside the Fabcar, Doran, Multimatic and Crawford models, but the Robert Chase-constructed car spent just a few short hours parked under Florida's evening skies before going right back into the transporter. The Larry Huang - Silverstone Racing entry never even fired up. It appears the long trip to Homestead was simply a trip made too far and too soon.

It apparently was a case of hurry up and wait. The Chase construction crew had hurried to get the car to the track, but they still kept its owner waiting all day for them to arrive. Testing for the day had already ended when the truck carrying the very first black CCE-001 Daytona Prototype finally came to a stop in the paddock. And there were several sets of eyes awaiting the opening of the doors and the exit of the car.

One pair of eyes standing at the back of the transporter belonged to Chris Hall, Huang's co-driver and the Team Manager of Silverstone Racing, the team that was to race the Chase. But now, after having seen the first car to come out of the shop, Silverstone will be going with another chassis. Larry Huang terminated his agreement with Robert Chase right then and there.

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