Who Said That?
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© Andrew S. Hartwell

Over the years we have had the opportunity to talk with many people in the world of sportscar racing. Often times their words can be shown to be prophetic, or perhaps just a bit humorous, or even a reflection of the time and mood when we caught up with them. For a bit of levity and perhaps some irony, we would like to present a short collection - a 'baker's dozen' - of quotes from some famous folks in the game. See if you can't match up the names to the quotes. Names appear below.

1. "I later became a teacher at Bridgehampton and got to spend a lot of time there. It was a great place and the sand and the wildlife made it so amazing. It was my favorite track."

2. Q. Would you consider running an R&S as your second car?
A. "No, because that would just cut into our development time with the new Reynard."

3. "I think I'm a normal 17-year old, except that I race cars."

4. "David and I just want to race and be able to feed our families doing it. We don't want to get mixed up in any politics. We just love to drive cool cars. We love to drive even not so cool cars just for the experience. As long as they don't hurt us!"

5. "Did you ever know me to do anything that wasn't uphill? This isn't Grand Am either. This is the French!"

6. "I literally dug one of my dads old cars out of the snow bank out behind the race shop and got it ready for driving school. That is how the first two years of my racing career started, by fixing up his castaways."

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